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The sad truth is that most "Cookie Cutter" homes come with the bare minimun where stairs and trim are concerned. Often these "stock" staircases are made from the cheapest material available, and they are usually just thrown together with no attention paid to style, artistry or even safety. As you can see from these before and after photos, the difference in your home when you have a JD Stair installed is breathtaking.

These sturdy works of art are built to last and they will beautify your home and enrich your life. Don't settle for anything less, call for your free estimate today.

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Wine Barrel Wall

Alder Wood_Wall_with_Wine_Barrels_2Ever looking for a unique was to display your wine?

Here we took actual wine barrels from southern California and modified them to serve as built in wine racks. The ones one the outside that retained the original top to the barrels were modified with hinges to allow them to be opened.

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