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Repeat Customers

Sure do love it when we get repeat customers a year or so later. Happy that they were so satisfied with the quality and performance of JD Stairs that they remember us when it’s time for another upgrade to their homes.

Referrals = gift certificates

Rythum Kitchen"Sending out 4 gift certificates for dinner at Rhythm Kitchen today. This is the favorite part of my job!" - Wendy Webster, Office Manager – saying thanks to our great customers who refer us to others!

Rhythm Kitchen (surf n turf).jpg

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New Sales Manager

We are so happy to welcome Kevin Smith to the mix of folks here at JD Stairs. He brings with him a wealth of experience from the world of stairs and construction.

Metal Stair Railing

One of the coolest things we do here at JD Stairs in make custom metal Handrails. We do this in many forms but this week I’m attaching a picture of one in the rough stage. This is a forged metal handrail design. That means that each one of the curls you see in this design has to be heated up until it is red hot. This makes the steel malleable enough to created the pointed ends and tight curls by beating it with a forgers hammer.

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