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  • Custom Iron Doors Wrought Iron is an amazing material to work with because it is both strong and artistic. It can be bent and twisted into ornate and beautiful designs, but it can also be made strong enough to protect your
  • Spiral Stairways Got a place you wanna put a stair, but just don’t have the space to fit one? JD Stairs offers completely customizable spiral stairways. From the “I’m on a budget” to “I want the WOW factor” Just give us a call and we’ll put one together for you.
  • Modern / Contemporary This collection showcases a few of the Las Vegas homes which have chosen to use a modern/Contemporary style for their stairs and rails. Take a look and see the difference that a custom JD Stairs installation makes. We care about making sure that your family has a beautiful home that you can be proud of and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Give us a Call Today!
  • Steel Freestanding Stairway Freestanding stairs are always a lot of fun. They seem to rise on their own with no visible means of support and when the circles are smoothed and stained they catch the light with their own radiant glow. These are just a few of the Freestanding Stairs that we have built in Las Vegas. If you are interested in having a freestanding stair installed in your home, don't hesitate to give us a call.
  • Custom Iron Work One of the coolest things about having truly Custom Designed Iron work in your home is that your home will always be 100% unique. Having your own design custom welded and installed in your house in stunning wrought iron, aluminum, or stainless steel will forever change your relationship with your beautiful home.
  • Custom Wood Work Custom woodwork enhances the look and feel of your home like few other things can. The polish and lustre of quality woodwork installed by master craftsmen and artisans is something that can endure for as long as you own your home. Let JD Stairs work with you to find the right designs that will turn your house into a work of art.
  • Gates and Fencing JD Stairs is one of the best installers of custom iron gates in the Las Vegas valley. Our focus on quality, precision and design means that you will have a strong gate which will look and work great. Read More
  • Welded Iron Rails JD Stairs employs some of the finest metal workers in the industry. Whether your looking for clean straight lines or that old world Tuscan charm, we’ve got the team to make it happen. There are endless design possibilities. Shoot us an email on our contact form! Read More
  • Wood and Iron Rails Quality hardwood rails mixed with beautiful custom iron spindles is one of our favorite combinations to work on. The aesthetic appeal is timeless and the workmanship means that the quality will last. Read More
  • All Wood Stairways These are a few of our favourite All Wood stairs which we have fabricated and installed in a selection of Las Vegas homes. The choice of wood can be any kind of hardwood, including oak, maple, mahogony, cherry, alder, beech, elm, hickory, walnut or anything else you can think of. Read More

2017 Staircraft Award Winner

2017 JD Stairs Awards (Color).jpg


The team here at JD Stairs are proud to say that we have been awarded "2017 Best Commercial Straight Stairway" by the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association. It is great to be able to beautify Local schools like this one with the magical touch JD Stairs can bring to the table. We're very honored to receive this award and are ready to help transform the Las Vegas Valley, one step at a time!

Spanish Heights Stairway


  • Gabion Walls +

    Here are a few pics of some of the Gabion walls/ planters and custom cabinetry that we've been working on. Way cool !!     Read More
  • Freestanding Stainless & Glass Stairway +

    Take a look at this cool stair!! Recently went on a cruise leaving out of Fort Lauterdale, Florida Read More
  • Structural Steel +

    Here Is a Pic of some of the structural steel beams and columns we are putting in a house Read More
  • Cool Architecture +

    Take a look at some of the cool architecture we found on this site.      Read More
  • Gabion Wall Ideas +

    Gabion Wall Ideas...... This Catherine Stewart of has some reall cool gabion wall ideas here.  Read More
  • Running Man +

    With a little help from Nevada Precision Sheet Metal, we created this Running Man Silhouette. This is a mini version of the 8′ wide by 16′ tall ones that we will be putting on the side of Bishop Gorman High School to accent their new athletic training center. Read More
  • Wine Barrel Wall +

    Ever looking for a unique was to display your wine? Here we took actual wine barrels from southern California and modified them to serve as built in wine racks. The ones one the outside that retained the original top to the barrels were modified with hinges to allow them to be opened. Read More
  • Emu Egg Holder +

    Today, a most amazing project came into my office in the hands of one of our talented metal fabricators – an Emu Read More
  • Happy Customers! +

    Just had a call from one of our happy customers. Love it when they take the time to pick up the phone and say, “You’re doing a fantastic job! Everybody we’ve dealt with at JD Stairs has been awesome. The young man out here has the best work ethic of anyone we’ve had in our home.” Read More
  • Metal Stair Railing +

    One of the coolest things we do here at JD Stairs in make custom metal Handrails. We do this in many forms but this week I’m attaching a picture of one in the rough stage. This is a forged metal handrail design. That means that each one of the curls you see in this design has to be heated up until it is red hot. This makes the steel malleable enough to created the pointed ends and tight curls by beating it with a forgers hammer. Read More
  • New Sales Manager +

    We are so happy to welcome Kevin Smith to the mix of folks here at JD Stairs. He brings with him a wealth of experience from the world of stairs and construction. Read More
  • Referrals = gift certificates +

    "Sending out 4 gift certificates for dinner at Rhythm Kitchen today. This is the favorite part of my job!" - Wendy Webster, Office Manager – saying thanks to our great customers who refer us to others! Read More
  • Repeat Customers +

    Sure do love it when we get repeat customers a year or so later. Happy that they were so satisfied with the quality and performance of JD Stairs that they remember us when it’s time for another upgrade to their homes. Read More
  • Before & After +

    Before & After The sad truth is that most "Cookie Cutter" homes come with the bare minimun where stairs and trim are concerned. Often these "stock" staircases are made from the cheapest material available, and they are usually just thrown together with no attention paid to style, artistry or even safety. As you can see from these before and after photos, the difference in your home when you have a JD Stair installed is breathtaking. These sturdy works of art are built to last and they will beautify your home and enrich your life. Don't settle for anything less, call for your free Read More
  • Top News of the Week +

    Have you ever wondered what our stairs and railings look like in a home? Well luckily we got our hands on a fantastic slideshow of one of the homes we have recently been working in! To see the photos click here: Read More
  • 2016 Staircraft Award +

    The team here at JD Stairs are proud to say that we have been awarded "2016 Best Spiral Staircase" by the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association. It is amazing to see how your imagination will challenge and stretch our capabilities, which will in turn create masterpieces like this one. We're very honored to receive this award and are ready to help transform the Las Vegas Valley, one step at a time! Read More
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About JD Stairs

Steel Trellis_3The story of JD Stairs really begins many years ago with a family that grew up in the stair/construction industry. In August 2005 JD Stairs was founded with 2 people, and since that time has grown substantially. We have been lucky to add many new members to the JD Stairs Team who are willing to partner their creativity with the hard work required to achieve excellence.

2x6 Tube_Steel_Stringers_with_Step_Brackets_Floating_StairwayThe inception of our journey, here at JD Stairs, found us focused mainly on standard stair rail systems that you would find in any home. However, our quest for excellence revealed a huge need in the market place for a company that would break out from the norm and find ways to achieve the impossible. That change led to the addition of our metal working division.  We have found a way to merge, under one roof, the highest quality metal working with a softer touch of woodwork. Having skilled craftsmen in both trades has allowed us to create some of the most unique projects in the Las Vegas Valley.

Steel Freestanding_Stairway_with_C_Channel_Stringers_and_Bar_Grating_Steps_and_Risers_and_Stainless_Steel_Cable_RailingHere at JD Stairs we continue to be the “go to” company for home owners and general contractors that just want the job done right, no questions asked. The goal is to continue to serve the Las Vegas Valley for many years to come. Take a tour through our photo gallery to get a feel for, and catch a glimpse of some of the amazing projects already completed.

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